Nowhere on Earth captures the imagination like Africa’s wild places. There’s a visceral recognition as soon as you arrive, that this is where we came from – the cradle of mankind. Wild animals still roam these empty territories as they did so long ago with our ancestors. Walking across the grasslands on the same plain as wild giraffe and herds of wildebeest, or seeing the fresh pawprint of a lion at your feet, your senses are immediately heightened, your reflexes on full alert. Alive in your skin, with animals as far as the eye can see, these are the experiences you will never forget.

Africa’s elephants are perhaps dearest to our hearts at Bespoke Safaris, thanks to our long connection to the pioneering charity Save the Elephants. Come stay with us at Elephant Watch Camp, and spend your days in the company of expert guides, in the heart of the herds, watching their secret lives unfurl before your eyes as you come to understand how similar they are to us and what makes these sensitive intelligent animals tick.

Our guides’ expertise extends to all the animals of the savannah and forest, the birds that soar above you, the plants used for traditional medicine, and the fish that swim in our sea. Tell us which creature you would really like to see, and we will do our best to make it happen. Choose your time to visit carefully in consultation with our planners, and you could be here for the mass calving of wildebeest in the Serengeti, the migration of whale sharks off the coastline, or the return of Africa’s migratory birds from their European summers.

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