When you hear the word safari, the sound lingers in the mind to conjure up visions of the great outdoors – walking with long-limbed nomads draped in red, camel caravans, or dream-like flights over wide open plains. The song of Africa is everywhere, from the cacophony of the frog chorus heralding rain to the murmur of wind ruffled trees beneath an infinite temple of stars in the night sky, or the midnight echo off the mountains of chanting nomads.

Days open and close with the rise and fall of the sun, and there is nothing more exciting for our team than to share the magic of Africa with you.  Each carefully planned trip has been inspired by our in-depth knowledge and passion for the continent and its creatures, to give you a deeply immersive experience that will live on in your dreams for years to come. Here below are some examples of previous itineraries, but please remember that each trip is different and uniquely tailored to your individual requirements. You can trust in our vision and expertise 100%.


BOWING TO A WAXING MOON (Marlene’s 6 day break)

Overnight in a charming luxury tree house in Nairobi;

Star-spangled evenings, hikes in Eburru forest, dancing crested cranes, freshly dug aardvark burrows, walking with giraffes, handfuls of organic fraise-de-bois, swimming beneath colobus monkeys, endless sumptuous meals – at Olerai House;

Helicopter-flight to sacred mountain, champagne breakfast on cliff top with eagles, deep immersion in elephant families, wild-dog dens, honey-hunting with warriors, moon-bowing at sunset, sleeping elephants snoring by kitchen – at Elephant Watch Camp.

THE SCENT OF JASMINE ON THE WIND (Singer’s 10 day safari)

Charter flight across the Great Rift Valley to Olerai’s private Eden – scone-stealing zebras, boat ride with flamingos, elegant dinner at Sirocco House, picnic with rhinos in Nakuru National Park;

Walking with camels in Karisia Hills, making crowns from wild jasmine, celebrating a nomadic family’s wedding, scrubbing off sweat and dust in a fastflowing river, sleeping out under the stars;

Rubbing shoulders with musth bull elephants, meditating to a frog chorus, finding newborn cubs in a leopard’s lair, dancing at sunset with nomads, assisting Save the Elephants with radio collaring, watching lion hunt zebra – at Elephant Watch Camp;

Visiting orphaned pachyderms at the David Sheldrick orphanage, last minute shopping at a Maasai market, sharing carrots with Rothschild giraffe before bed at Giraffe Manor, early morning flight back to Europe.

A CLAN GATHERING OF PRIMATES (Elliots' 20th wedding anniversary - 14 days)

Overnight at a tented camp in Nairobi National Park – black rhino en route to airport;

Samburu elephant beach party, picnic by river, bateared foxes, leopard padding past mess tent, renewal of wedding vows on sunset hill, blessing by revered elders, elephants scratching bums on bedrooms, hot bucket-shower under stars – at Elephant Watch Camp;

Early flight via peaks of Mt Kenya to private camp in Maasai Mara, grassland thick with swirling wildebeest, 20-strong lion pride roaring at sunset, leopard hunt on river bank, walk up escarpment, sundowners out on acacia dotted plains, hot bath in olive grotto;

Chest-beating poka-pok of distant gorillas in Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda, energising hike through cloud forest, golden monkeys flickering through canopy, spellbinding encounter with mountain gorilla family – staring into eyes of an ancient primate relative.  Steaming hot bath and spiced red wine back at camp, coffee and croissants in Kigali to catch Nairobi flight;

Low level swoop over flamingo-filled lake on scenic flight to Suguta Valley, picnic breakfast boiling eggs in steaming geysers, lunch in Chalbi desert near Lake Turkana, sunset arrival at Olerai House, crackling log fire under acacias, crisp cotton sheets, early morning bird walk in papyrus forest, vivacious lunch at Sirocco, unwind by pool surrounded by zebra – at Olerai House.

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