By coming to Africa on one of our Bespoke Safaris, your experience as a visitor will be a key boost to efforts to preserve both the local ways of life and the wild environment. All of our trips are designed from the starting point of responsible enterprise for a healthy planet. You can be sure that nothing we do, nor any place we take you, nor any activity you take part in, will have a detrimental effect either on the land around you, its people, or its wildlife.

Africa’s wild places will only survive in their pristine state if the choice not to modernise or over-develop them ends up being more valuable than the alternatives. To that end, visitors who pay well to spend time in a quiet, untrammelled, original ecosystem are key to keeping such places vibrant and special. Bespoke Safaris works hard to ensure that guides and staff are hired locally, and that accommodation is constructed wherever possible with a sensitive eye and attitude towards the environment. Our partners are very carefully chosen to make sure that they adhere to our deep-green outlook, so that you have a seamless eco-experience from start to finish. We hope to join hands with you to help the wild world flourish.

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