Nearly all of the food we use at Olerai House is grown or raised on a small section of land set aside on the Sanctuary, where Oria has established two large organic gardens that are now expertly managed by a staff of five. We really encourage you to come to have a look, to smell the fresh herbs, help pick some bitter oranges to make marmalade, crunch on a carrot fresh from the ground, or meet our ducks, pigs and red hens. We grow all sorts of tasty fruits and vegetable: artichokes, courgettes, tomatoes, fennel, beetroot, cabbages, peaches and strawberries, just as an example. There are wildberries and blackberries, passion fruit, and lemon and orange trees. We use no chemicals whatsoever – just a lot of good old-fashioned homemade compost that harnesses the organic power of copious amounts of hippo dung, chicken droppings, fallen leaves and green manure.

Children especially enjoy an hour or two pottering around the garden, helping to pick vegetables for supper that evening, collecting eggs, communing with the chickens or feeding our two very big and very fat black pigs. Also pop into our workshop, where our craftsmen turn fallen branches and trees into furniture, fenceposts or responsible charcoal. We live off the land, like our ancestors, in an eco-conscious and sustainable manner.


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