The Olerai wildlife sanctuary is a 300 acre Eden on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha, one of string of lakes between the volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley. A freshwater lake at the highest elevation of the Rift – 1,884m (6,181 ft) – Naivasha nestles in a complex geological cradle of volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits. It is one of only two fresh-water lakes in the Kenyan Rift. The name derives from the local Maasai name Nai’posha, meaning “rough water” because of its sudden storms. The lake is home to 400+ bird species, and many buffalo, hippo, zebra, impala, leopard and giraffe.

Close to us are extinct volcanoes to summit, steam geysers rising from beneath the Earth’s crust, flamingo-fringed lakes to explore, and National Parks where you can cycle among the animals or watch tree-climbing lions. On the southern side of the lake, a host of thriving flower and vegetable farms that supply many supermarkets in Europe are also interesting to visit. At the end of an adventurous day, the warmth and luxury of Olerai’s farmhouse welcomes you home, no matter where you’ve been!


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