Since the farm was turned over to wildlife in 2001, and nature allowed to take charge, Olerai has become a real haven for a fascinating assortment of mammals, reptiles, bugs and birds. Hundreds of large mammals graze peacefully on the plains surrounding the House, like Thomson’s gazelle, Cape buffalo, Maasai giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, impala, Colobus monkeys and waterbuck. Around them flit the countless colourful birds that gather around Lake Naivasha and make it world famous for ornithologists. Fish eagles, lilac-breasted rollers, pied kingfishers and several varieties of lovebirds are all among the 450 species of birds seen here. It is truly a bird-watcher’s paradise.

As a guest at Olerai House, you are never far from the animals. Zebra graze just beyond the terrace as you sip your breakfast coffee. Later, a family of warthog might trot across the lawns by the swimming pool. Out on a bush walk, you will see up close herds of giraffe gliding through the yellow fever trees, and hear the snort of a hippo surfacing for air down in the lake. At twilight, leopard stretch and yawn considering what to hunt, and hyena wait for the night air to cool to amplify their whooping calls. Under huge skies in this secret African Eden, surrounded by pristine nature and majestic animals, you will feel your worries recede and a renewed calm take their place.


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