Years of farming on the shores of lake Naivasha producing lucerne, cattle and cabbages, was the norm for any farmer in Kenya, but in 2001 Iain & Oria decided to turn everything around and allow Nature to take over. Now with barely 12 years of growth, the tall yellow acacia forest glows golden in the evening sun as colobus monkeys with flowing white cloaks leap across the branches. Fish eagles nest thirty feet above the ground and call to each other, while below them giraffe stretch to nibble on soft leaves and zebra stallions stand guard over their harems and foals. It is an endless parade of beautiful wild things, and the closest experience you’ll have to living in the Garden of Eden.

At the end of the long Jacaranda avenue interspersed with crotons and pepper trees, Lake Naivasha has risen and taken over old fields, swarms of tilapia fish swim in the shallow waters inviting storks and pelicans and all manner of water birds to make their new homes. Where the short grass grows over five hundred wild animals – buffalo, Thompson’s gazelle, impala, waterbuck – graze in peace on the plains. Lake Naivasha is world-famous for the diversity of its birds. Every week we discover new species that have chosen to make the sanctuary their home.

Having breakfast and lunch at Olerai with zebras a meter from the table is an everyday event, and giraffe striding elegantly by with the blue sky and great clouds above their heads is always such a delight. There is just something about them, their size, their elegance, the gliding stance, that makes you stop and stare. Living and walking amongst the animals is what it’s all about – and we are thrilled to share this experience with you.

The best part of the Sanctuary is – no tractors – no chemicals – no stress and strain – just an ongoing show of wildlife at its best!


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