To secure a future for elephants in our rapidly-changing world, we work closely with the charity Save the Elephants, based just a few kilometres downstream from Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu National Reserve. The charity was formed by Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Oria’s husband, and continues to pioneer innovative new ways to match science to advocacy to increase the chances that Africa’s elephants will survive long-term. We are very proud of our connection to this charity and continue to work hand in hand to raise awareness about environmental issues across the world. Our Elephant Watch guides have been trained by Save the Elephants to recognise each of the 66 elephant families that are resident in Samburu, most of whom have recorded histories that date back to the foundation of STE’s research camp in 1997. All of our observations are shared with the organisation’s researchers. Our guides are also part of the Lion Watch team, gathering data on big cats for Ewaso Lions, an NGO that strives to improve the relationship between pastoralists and predators. Predators play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity, but are increasingly threatened.


The focus of Save the Elephants is on close monitoring of elephant herds through day to day observation and by collaring key individuals, to build up solid data with which to influence more elephant-friendly policies both at national and international levels. Just as important to the organisation, as it is to the Elephant Watch Portfolio, is working to maintain the Kenyan people’s traditionally tolerant relationship with wildlife, as the future of the wild world relies on human sentiment. With the current ivory poaching crisis, STE is at the forefront of a coalition fighting hard to stop the killing of elephants, stop the trafficking of ivory, and end demand.

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