Oria and Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s daughters Saba and Mara, and Saba’s husband Frank Pope, are all assuming ever-greater roles within the organisations and ventures that the elder generation have established. Saba is a wildlife television presenter best known for her BBC documentaries including Big Cat Diary, Secret Life of Elephants and This Wild Life. She is taking an increasing role as manager of Elephant Watch Camp and has been a long term Trustee of Save the Elephants. She joins her sister, Mara, in designing management strategies to expand the Elephant Watch Portfolio and improve the resilience both of the environments in which the Portfolio operates, and the people who live and work there. Frank is Chief Operating Officer of Save the Elephants, which is still directed by Iain.

Both Iain and Oria are proud to have recruited some of the best local talent in their respective businesses, and mentored those individuals into the experts that they have become today. At Elephant Watch and at Olerai, the guides and staff are all exceptionally knowledgeable and well trained, and among the best at what they do. They include people like Bernard Lesirin, a Samburu warrior, who joined us in 2008 and is now an accredited senior professional safari guide and ornithologist, or Alfred Gichuki, who won a place on our scholarship scheme as a young boy, began work for us in 2001, and has now risen through the ranks to become one of our key managers and guides.

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We’re very excited and proud to announce that our leopard-lady, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, will soon be sharing some of our best stories from Samburu in theatres across the UK! Starting on April 12th and running until May 3rd 2016, her talks will be a delightful mixture of...

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