The Rocco Dispensary

Oria’s father Mario Rocco donated buildings and a piece of land in 1976 to be used as a medical centre for the farm labourers who worked all around the north side of Lake Naivasha. Nurses were recruited, medicine cabinets stocked, and soon word spread about the new services available. Oria later added a family planning clinic with mother and child care, which has changed the lives of many families in the area and empowered the women.

Today, the Rocco Dispensary is a privately-managed entity that is open seven days a week, treating as many as 2,000 people per week, including emergencies. It has an active laboratory to test for parasites, and does HIV counseling and testing. Many of the farms nearby pay for their staff to receive medical treatment there, and it also earns some support from the Government to cover some costs and supplies. Guests of Olerai are very welcome to pop in and see how it is running, and donations are always appreciated. Just ask us to arrange a visit for you.


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