The best way to help elephant conservation is to come to visit us at Elephant Watch Camp, to see our work and those of our partners, and to support Kenya’s protected areas by being a regular visitor. This brings much-needed funds to the parks, conservancies, reserves, sanctuaries and protected areas that helps keep them going. Together with our friends at Save the Elephants we believe that the future of Samburu’s elephants, and indeed all the other wildlife, lies in the hands of the people who share this fragile environment with these great mammals. It is essential to ensure that there are jobs and alternative means of income for the local people that do not inherently conflict with allowing elephants or other creatures to roam as they always have.

Eco-tourism is one way to do this, both by creating employment for the local community and by building bridges for them to meet and interact with visitors. Many of our guests either donate directly to Save the Elephants projects or become involved in our joint education and scholarship programme that helps uplift the children of Samburu, providing them with important new skill-sets, and encourages a conservation ethic in the local community.


Even if you are not yet able to come to stay with us in Samburu, you can still get involved from afar. The elephants need all the help they can get, and supporting protected areas and the people who work in conservation or eco-tourism, helps preserve their future. Visit to see how you can help.

Information on our scholarship programme can be found here. To support our wildlife conservation work, please get in touch through the form below.

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