At Elephant Watch Camp, we believe strongly that education gives young people the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly modernising world. To help the children of our neighbouring Samburu, Borana, Somali and Turkana communities, the Elephant Watch Scholarship Fund was launched in 2001. It helps the brightest and those who are most in need to continue their education beyond primary school. We believe that this way they’ll become the best potential ambassadors for their people, their land and the environment. The Scholarship Fund, run through the Save the Elephants Education Programme, has so far helped close to 100 students achieve their dreams by completing secondary school, or going on to college or university.

At the same time, the Fund has built classrooms, dormitories and teachers’ accommodation at local schools, and paid for desks, benches, water tanks and other urgently needed equipment. Our mobile education unit reaches communities in even more remote areas. The Fund’s money comes in part from Elephant Watch guests, who continue to donate generously. Many of our students have formed close bonds and enduring friendships with their sponsors. We are enormously grateful for the opportunities that have come their way. We thank you enormously.


Elephant Watch Portfolio, EWP, Anthony Lekoitip, education


Both of Antony’s parents died when he was young, so his dream was to become a doctor to help others overcome illness. He won a place at a secondary school in Isiolo, the largest town near to Samburu, where he scored the highest grades in his district before going on to study medicine at the University of Nairobi. Having graduated as a fully qualified doctor, he returned to practice at Isiolo District Hospital to help his community, forgoing lucrative jobs in the capital.

Elephant Watch Portfolio, EWP, Viona Lekirimpoto, education


An Elephant Watch guest funded Viona’s scholarship, and she has never looked back. Winning a place at one of Kenya’s leading schools, she threw herself into extra-curricular activities as well as studying. By her final year, she was head of her house and captain of the games team, winning writing competitions, and representing her school at science fairs. She is currently on a special scholarship in China, where she is studying medicine. A star all round!

Elephant Watch Portfolio, EWP, Benjamin Loloju, education


Despite the devastation of losing his father when he was barely into his teens, Benjamin worked hard to win a place at one of Kenya’s best schools. He graduated among the top 100 students in the country with straight A’s in all subjects. During his year off, he went to Samburu to work on our education programme to inspire youngsters from similar circumstances to stay in school. Now at University, he loves studying geo-spatial engineering.

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Orphaned at a young age, Zeituna was raised by her grandmother as a Borana nomad. Despite impressive grades in primary school, crippling poverty prevented her from attending the prestigious Kenya High School at which she’d been accepted. Thanks to her sponsor, Zeituna has completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and yearning to give back to the less unfortunate, she is now working with a micro-credit firm to alleviate poverty.


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