Our highly trained staff are experts at unobtrusive but friendly service. We believe we have thought of everything you might need, but please do just ask if there is anything else we can do to help. Olerai House runs according to the idea that tourism is a way to bring jobs and revenue to areas that might otherwise struggle. As well as our staff at the Lodge, we have helped the local community with scholarships for their children and by establishing a health clinic so that medical help is close by. The lives of many people have been changed for the better as a result.


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Most of the team of men and women who work at Olerai are from the local community, with many coming from families that have had a long association with us or were born on the farm. They love it as much as we’re sure you will. Some have even seen it evolve from the days of the Second World War when Oria’s mother had to raise pigs for the British Army, to being a stable for racehorses, a lucerne and cabbage farm, a cattle ranch, and finally a wildlife sanctuary. We cherish these old relationships that go back through the generations and believe that it is one of the things that makes Olerai special. In addition, Oria has been a great champion of women’s rights and has worked hard to uplift the local community. For many “the farm” has been a sanctuary in return.


the people, community, projects, community projects, Olerai, Naivasha, wildlife, Elephant Watch Portfolio, Nairobi, Kenya
More than 2,000 people a week are treated at the Rocco dispensary, a small clinic housed in single-story buildings on land that was first donated by Oria’s father in the 1970s. It has grown into one of the best medical centers in the area with an active laboratory to test for parasites and other infectious diseases, dedicated mother-baby healthcare, successful family planning and child spacing, and HIV counseling and testing. Over the years we have also raised a number of scholarships to help young students from the local farming community to attend secondary school, enter apprenticeships or tertiary education. Many of our guests have contributed over the years and we are proud of how our young students have excelled.


Your support is vital in helping us to carry on all activities related to the our community projects highlighted above that form the core and are the ethos of our portfolio. Get in touch with us through our form below to help us further our work, even if it’s from afar.

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